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im back! heres a snappy 3 ball sequence. i really like the sound of this one. and the look. and the feel. anyway i think its pretty good

week off

no videos this week :(

i have term finals and dont have time to film, but expect something friday or saturday!

love tanner

a nice little wrist trap trick

i was gone all yesterday, so you get two tricks today ;)

cross arm reverse cascade penguins

a quick trick with a knee bounce and an old memory

a variation on yesterdays siteswap 7742, this time with the 4 as an overhead throw

the siteswap is 57742. 5 is caught under the leg and 4 is a shoulder throw. you throw the shoulder and immediately catch the 5 under the leg then go back to cascade. doesnt look as cool as it feels but still a nice pattern.