planning practices

the past while i have just been messing around when i juggle, and i havent recognized any major signs of progression. so i have started changing up how i practice and its been working out well.

1. i start out with a goal. the goal could be to qualify 6 clubs, find as many 3 club under the leg combinations as i can or just to have fun. if i have multiple goals then i set a time frame for each of them (like 6 clubs 20 minutes, and 3 club patterns one hour) and put them in order of importance. if one goal doesnt work that day then i move on to the next goal and save the other one for another practice.

2. i write down everything that happened in my juggling notebook. this way i can remember patterns that i like and also see what went wrong. sometimes while im writing it down i also come up with another variation and its easier to visualize patterns i want to learn.

this may or may not work for you! but its been helping me so far.

shoulder slam lazy flat

these foot balances feel really good to land!

lazy pancake, pancake, reverse

a 3 club routine that i made to put in a performance im doing at school. i like how it looks but its not as fast as i hoped it to be.

happy world contact juggling day! im starting up the daily videos again and they will all be posted here. so yeah. enjoy.

things i filmed at PJF

here is my peformance in the renegade show at PJF for all those who wanted to see it. it was complete improv so i had a lot of drops, but i landed a few cool things and won the “rockstar” (pretty much best act) and got a lot of good compliments so i was happy! thanks to Thom Wall for filming ;)


i went to portland juggling festival in portland, oregon last weekend!!! lots of people who worked hard to make it a great fest. i met some super awesome jugglers and had a great time! thanks to everyone who made it amazing!


well since im leaving for wjf this weekend, im going to take a break off of videos just so i can prepare my routine, pack, etc. ill probably film some stuff and put it here for you pimps while im there :D